Terms Of Sheep Sale

  1. The terms of the sale are cash, cheque or direct transfer deposit at the close of the auction. Buyers shall settle account on or before midnight August 14, 2013. The right of property shall not pass until after settlement is completed.
  2. All sheep are guaranteed as breeders. Rams are guaranteed fertile. If a ram is found to be infertile by a licensed veterinarian within six months of purchase, purchase price will be refunded. The ram must be returned, at the buyers expense, tested by our veterinarian to determine that he is in fact infertile. If found infertile the purchase will be refunded. All ewes have bred and successfully raised lambs. All ewe lambs are guaranteed to breed, if a ewe lamb will not breed within one year of purchase, she must be returned, at the buyers cost and purchase price will be refunded. EXCEPTION to GUARANTEE: In cases where the animal is subject to any hormonal or surgical reproduction technique after the sale, this guarantee shall be null and void.
  3.  Our sheep are not guaranteed against death, disease, or accident that may occur. We do not guarantee against faults that may develop over time that were not detectable at the time of purchase.
  4. There will be no commission charged to the buyers. There will be no charge for registration papers . The proper registration certificate will be duly transferred and mailed to the buyer for each animal after settlement has been made, transferred as per instructions of purchaser.
  5. Each lot in this auction shall have a starting bid price, a buy it now price, and a reserve price. Any lot that does not receive a bid equal to or exceeding the reserve price shall be a No Sale.
  6.  Each sheep becomes the risk of the purchaser as soon as sold. Animals will be cared for at the purchaser’s risk until midnight August 17, 2013. Animals remaining at RAM H after this time will be subject to a $2.00 per day board charge, unless prior arrangements have been negotiated. 
  7.  Assistance will be given in making shipment after the sale but no risk is assumed by RAM H Breeders Ltd. Expenses incurred are responsibility of the purchaser. Purchaser’s are requested to furnish shipping instructions when making settlement.
  8. Neither RAM H Breeders Ltd., Ray or Ann Marie Hauck offer any warranty other than that which specifically expressed in writing.