Ray and Ann Marie have decided to conclude our Dorper sheep breeding and will be offering all animals for sale in an on-line auction August 3 to August 10, concluding at 9:00 pm. August 10, 2013.

We will be adding to the catalogue of animals and items as we complete the offering on or before July 20.

You are welcome to come to the ranch and view the total offering, please call first to arrange an appointment, we want to accommodate you.

If you are looking for quality purebred Dorper sheep breeding stock, sellers with commitment who will provide after sale service, experience and knowledge – you are looking for stock from RAM H Breeders Ltd.  We are dispersing – not disappearing.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at our residence 403-932-3135, or Ray on cell at 403-540-0029 or email am@ramhbreeders.com